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XILUO F007 Personal Desktop Room air cleaner Portable Ionization Air Purifier
Under the innovative ideas of Hilo designers, F007 updated the wood-style appearance, the design is low-key, generous, and elegant, giving a strong Chinese flavor. Show us a different visual style. Its CADR (clean air delivery rate) is: 120 m³/h, covering an area of 12-20 square meters. Equipped with a large real H13 HEPA filter, its filtration efficiency is very high. Passed CE, ROHS, WEEE, FCC certification and global patent protection.
This new style air purifier has been verified by nearly 500,000 air purifiers with 5 years of production experience. At the same time, tailor-made brushless motor: left and right intelligent rotation: external thrust bearing provides rotation support to reduce rotating friction; middle stepping motor provides torque.

Special Features

4-stage high efficiency filter

●H13 hepa filter

● CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) :120 m³/h

● Coverage area:12-20 square meter
● Noise level 30-50 dB
● 8 millions negative ions
●40 degree swing around

● Timer function
Brand new Chinese style

 8 million negative ionsmillion negative ions air purification principle: negative ions gather, dust precipitation; negative ions decompose dust, particles, harmful gas . Adsorb PM2.5 particles to degrade.

The three-in-one filter includes a pre-filter layer and a combination of activated carbon and high-efficiency filters, which can capture 99.95% of filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger, and filter PM2.5 (pollution rate) air pollution. Including pollen, dust, smoke and dander.

No need to worry about the loudness, our air purifier has a maximum noise level of 30-50 decibels,operates at a whisper-quiet level to contribute to a peaceful sleeping environment. 

Our Super Advantages

● Top level design team
● Professional R&;D Center
● First-class after-sales service
● With patent to each item
● More than 20 years industry experience
● Cooperate with first-class freight forwarders
● ODM/OEM and flexible customization service
● High productivity and strict quality control
● Low MOQ,1pc sample can be acceptable without logo

true sense air purifier
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